Filter dates that occur after one date. Filter Table Activity


I’m trying to use the Filter Table Activity to filter based on the dates. What I’m looking is to filter all dates that are after any given initial date.

I would like to have this initialDate as variable and then only show the dates that occur after that date.

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:
Thank you!

We can use FILTER DATATABLE ACTIVITY but that column must be the date only then we can filter with a DateTime value
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Cheers @adorp

Hi @adorp,

I’ll suggest you to use Assign activity, as shown in below.

Dt = Dt.Select("[DateColumn] >= '#"+initialDate+"#'").CopyToDataTable

Dt —> your datatable variable.
mention date column header instead of DateColumn.
initialDate —> String var. having date should be in MM/dd/yyyy format.

Follow the link below, for your reference.

@Palaniyappan I have the similar issue. In my excel i have two different columns(Ship 1,Ship 2) with Date values (MM/DD/YYYY) format.
I have used this for Ship 1 “InDT.Select(”[Ship 1] >= ‘#09/05/2021#’ AND [Ship 1] <= ‘#09/28/2021#’“).CopyToDataTable”.It worked without any issues.
For the Ship 2 i have used same code but i am getting error like “The Source contains no DataRows” even though there is a data. I have tried multiple options but didn’t work.
can you help me how to solve this.