Filter date using select

how do i finish this off so i get all the dates in 2018
pDatatable.Select("PaymentDate ")

Hi @Marla_Ch

If you want to filter a data table column with payment date, you can also filter with Filter Data Table activity in uipath.

@Marla_Ch Maybe this is what you needed :

pDatatable.Select(“PaymentDate Like ‘%2018%’”).CopyToDatatable

Check if it works or if it throws an Error, Specify the Error thrown

yeah throws an error : Cannot perform ‘Like’ operation on System.DateTime and System.String

@Marla_Ch Ok. You can Check with Filter Datatable Activity By Mentioning the “PaymentDate” as the Column Name and use Contains Operation and use “2018” as the Value.
Check if it Works.

If Filter Datatable operation doesn’t work then you can use the below query :


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