Filter DataTable Issue

I don’t know whether this is a issue or a bug but still asking here

I have a process where I am downloading a file through SAP, filtering it out with a filter datatable and then finally mailing it to the concerned business function. When I Run this process in attended mode it runs absolutely fine with No Erros


But When this goes in Unattended Filter Datatable fails here for some reason

There is no error with the filter data table I have checked the code throughout and both the versions of the project are also same, can anybody suggest something ?

Orchestrator version - 2020.10.5
Studio Version - 2022.4.5


Usually this error gets if your Column Name you set is not in the excel file you are using
Try to update the packages if you are able to run without any issue in attended mode
Also, I suggest to check the Excel which is using by bot when you are running in Orchestrator
In Column Names, sometimes there will be whitespaces which leads to this error as well

Hope this may help you


Hey @Ishan_Shelke ,

If you have access to the production where your unattended bot is running, get the downloaded file from there and compare it with the file which you are processing in attended mode, there might be some difference in the column name due to which your process is getting error out.



Try to use a log message and check the column names you are getting in unattended…may be some column name is changing or some extra spaces are getting added or a different table is coming up


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