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Any ide on how to remove the two first rows and the two last once?

I tried to use Filter Data, since i need only the once whish have numbers but wont work!

Also how to get the id table, since i can’t get it with data scraping table…

Any ideas? Thank you.



Could you please tell me more details for better understanding.

What is your input type and how you want to delete it.


Ok, i have a table, that i have to extrat. The problem is that i that table i have delete the two first and the last two rows.

A.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Like what i have on this file, it’s a modified copy of the real one. So i need to remove the generic message.

I tried with Filter Data Wizard. No success

You can try with Filter Data Table and use the remove option , then you select the columns you want to filter, example:
[columnName] or index contains generic message
if you want to filter more columns just click the plus [+] button

Let me know if it works! Good Luck :smiley:

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Hope the attached example will help you. (23.1 KB)

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Hi @mz3bel,

Use the below expression in assign statement and store the above expression in datatable


Refer the below sample file and the EXAMPLE.xlsx (50.0 KB)

Flowchart1.xaml (9.4 KB)

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Already tried this way, it doesn’t work

Thank you!! It works!

Thank you, i followed the steps you’ve done and it works, at first it didn’t but figured out i had to make some small changes.

Thanks again!

Can you close the topic, if it works

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instead of “And”, must put “Or” and used the full names, because the messages contains diffrent words and lettres… Thanks for the help!

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Not yet i have a small issue that i mentioned before. How to add a name tag iside a web table so i can add it to my extracted data, i tried with tag but didn’t work. Can you help on that part too please?



Can you provide more information what you are trying to achieve.

Based on my understanding, cant you extract the data first and add columns or data after that.


Ok, i have a table on a dynamic web page, i used data scraping to get the data. But a column wont show it’s values, whish i need the name as mentioned in the previous picture. I need to add that name values to the data extracted.

I tried to change the selectors, but didn’t succed.


Can I access the page where you are performing data scraping

Hi @mz3bel and @anil5

We can use “Get Attribute” activity to get the tag name of the UI Element/ control. Make sure that you set proper selector of the element (input element name tag in your case). Please refer the attached (10.1 KB)

Selector :

It solves your purpose, please mark the post as resolved.

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No it’s not possible, because the it’s on local server.

I already tried this way, it didn’t work. The problem is that i use data scraping from a web table. I can get the column and all other data, but only the value of that column i can’t get it.

I solved my Column Value problem, i had to change the name of the attr in the meta.

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