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I have two excel files -
1st excel file - One is having Column Name “Payment reference”
2n excl file - Column Name “Trans Item”

My Query -
-I have 2 DateTable DT1 and DT2
-From DT1 column name “Payment reference” have data(string) and in DT2 column named “Trans Item” which contains the string from DT1.
-I have to filter those records from DT2 and write in a different excel with complete data from DT2.

Attaching both the excel for example Ref.xlsx (8.5 KB) TransItem.xls (22 KB)

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Sample output sheet pls @indrajit.shah


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@indrajit.shah I would say the Filter Criteria you have Specified is Not Quite clear. :sweat_smile: Can you Explain in Detail the Process you want to Perform. Screenshots are preferred.

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Final_TransItem.xls (20.5 KB)

@supermanPunch - I have update my post can you please check once.

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Check this workflow, @indrajit.shah
Excel_DataUpdation.xaml (10.4 KB)
and the output file
Final_Transac_item.xlsx (7.5 KB)



Thank you, this is simple one, i was trying much complicated one.

this solution let me with one question -
Is it filtering just like we do in excel?? like searching the string in the trans sheet trans item column? and is there any question it will return with duplicate records??

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It will return the duplicate records also…for that you can groupby after filtering.



can you please look this one as well

@Manish540, with this solution i need lill more help.

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