Filter Data Table with the value from Dialog Box

Hi im trying to Filter DataTable. The Filter doesnt work. I get no error but no values are filtered.


Rowsdelete I get from the Dialog Box. it is for example 2020-01. In the Excel it looks like this.


What can I do here?

@Marek_Matuszak I guess the Data type matters in this case , can you use a For Each Row Activity for the AllProjects Datatable and use a Message Box with value row(“DateColumn”).ToString inside For Each to Check how the value appears. Send a Screesnhot of it.

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give a try on following LINQ statement

AllProjects.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (row) Not row(“Datum-Monat”).toString.Trim.Contains(RowsDelete.toString.Trim)).CopyToDataTable

Use this stetement within an Assign activity and let the returned DataTable assign to Filtered