Filter Data Table with .select

I am trying to filter a data table using .select, but the image error occurs.

I did:
dtListaDosCursos.Select("[Início] > ‘10/08/2020’")

Thanks for help.

give a try on dtListaDosCursos.Select("[Início] > ‘10/08/2020’").CopyToDataTable

In case of empty filter results are to expect have a look here:
dtListaDosCursos.Select("[Início] > ‘10/08/2020’").ToList (returns a list of datarows)
with checking the count of the returned list(Of Datarows) in an if activity it can be handled as:

0 drFilteresultListDatarowVar.CopyToDataTable
else: drListaDosCursos.Clone

Keep in mind that you want to filter against a date. have a look here on how the surrounding # will help:
DT_Select_ByDate.xaml (6.4 KB)


I needed to change the type of the variable too.

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