Filter Data Table Question

I’m curious if the “Column” inputs on the “Filter Rows” tab of Filter Date can handle anything heavier then the index of the column of the string name of a column ?

Meaning like say you wanted to take a cell value and convert a string to an integer before you did the operation check on its value.

Is that possible ?

I’ve found an example where I can usee: DataTableYouArePullingFrom.AsEnumerable.Where(blahblahbalh

and you convert a specific column to an integer or double or whatever and it works. Just curious if the Filter Data Table column input can handle anything like that and what an example would be.

Thanks in advance.


You can’t do type conversation in filter datatable.

Yes, we can. It is same as vb.Net conversions like CInt, CStr, CDbl

Attached an example:
TypeConversionInFilterDatatable.xaml (13.1 KB)

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