Filter Data Table Near True

Hello all,
I read excel file & filter data but how I can Filter Data Table Near True.
I just know Thickness2+“X”+Width get from 2col
In excel → I want filter
1.5X1190XC → 1.5X1190
2.0X1216XC → 2X1216
2.00x1,211xC → 2X1211
2.30X1212 → 2.3X1212
Thank you

instead of that you can go with Invoke VBA , Apply your filters by manual and record macros and use it in as execute vba actiivity

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maybe with the startsWith Operation you can do it. Alternate option could be a LINQ

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I filter data col in each row excel, every row have Thickness2+“X”+Width different so can’t use vba.