Filter data table issue

i have used 2 excel sheet.
for comparing i used
i have used filtered data table activity

but im only getting column of excel sheet

Kindly elaborate what do you exactly want to do ?

excel sheet name is “abcd”
2nd excel sheet name is “hijk”

if abcd contain column “fruits” and
hijk also contain column “fruits”
if “apple” is present in both excel sheet within column “fruits”
it should filter that record.

but problem is im only getting column name “fruits”

i have used excel application scope,read range output is (dt)

output of read range activity ie dt becomes the input of filtered data activity
output of filter table activity is “filteredata”

im getting fruits in filtereddata
i should get “apple”

In case of 2 data tables, You have to use join data tables activity, and select keep options based on fruits column value.

In case of filtering one table, use filter data table activity with keep option and set the condition to fruits = ‘apple’

can u please send me workflow

but bot would run for all fruits one by one
if first row is apple
then second row is mango and so on