Filter Data Table does not work because Excel sheet data is corrupted midway hence unable to write range; Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

Dear all,

I am unable to write range for the If function under for each attendance logs, as the filter data table does not work (because ‘Day’ would not be = Day from DT_filteredem to DT_filteredem_day) due to the excel file being corrupted midway?, hence it is unable to write range.

For this i also have an empty employee folder to create and store all the employees individual raw data files.

Another question that i have is that if excel file is macro-enabled worksheet would it affect anything?

I have a HR22FEB.xaml (147.2 KB) DUMMYCLEANED ATTLOGS JAN2021 - Copy.xlsx (32.4 KB)

Hoping to get help. Thank you in advance!!

Hi @Clarissa_Chen

Please attached the project.json file or even better zipped the entire folder. The project.json file is like a manifest for xaml files. If the project.json is missing, UiPath Studio will re-created it but may not correctly load all the dependencies. The resultant workflow may work correctly on my end but may not work correctly at your end due to mismatch dependencies.