Filter Data Table - data inside data

Hi There

I’d like to remove “success”, “error”, “sell_pressure” columns from datatable filtering


I’m doing this:


the problem is that I don’t know how to select “sell_pressure” wich is inside “data” and “0”.

I’d like to have some support here.

Thanks in advance

may we ask you for some more details?

  • How is the JSON converted to the datatable
  • can you share some details / samples form the datatable and its structure

Thanks for support

Hi Peter

I’m converting by the simplest way

Nothing “fancy” around here. I think…

Thank you

Yes, but we dont know the JSON and cannot check the resulting datatable structure. What we want to check on how the JSON nested structure is mapped to the Datatable column structure

Thats why we asked also for:

I thought the structure was in that picture:


in raw format is like:


Thank you once again Peter.

Please help us by not let remaining questions open:

this was an enhanced visualization, but not rwa json

data Property has a nested JArray and we need to know the corresponding datacolumn structure.

Otherwise we would create the datatable from JSOn by a LINQ statement

As an alternate you can obtain the datatable from the JSON


and remove the unneded column as you had startet with the filter datatable activity

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