Filter Data table Contains


For filtered data table can we use variable names in condition?
For eg if I say strcondtion = ’ Html ’ or ’ C’ , then in filter wizard of I give strcondition would it be correct?

It currently gives me 0 results. How do i go about this, I actually needs to use contains and not equal to. Kindly let me know

Hi @Purnima_Sambasivan

Do you are assigning
strcondition = ‘Html’ ? Or strcondition = ‘Html’ or ‘C’

The idea is row 1 in the data table may contain values ‘HTML, ADOBE, JAVA’ , Row 2 may contain ‘C, Java’ and row 3 may contain ‘UiPath, VB’.

When i give filter condition saying ( ‘HTML’ or ‘C’) as a single condition then the filtered table must return only 2 rows - R1 and R2 and not R3. Hope its clear


Check as below

Hope this helps you


Thank you so much. Any way to do this programmatically? Can you let me know how do I use

strConcat = “‘HTML’,‘C’,‘Video’”

dtFilteredskills =dtResume.Select(" where [Skill] IN (“+strConcat+”)").CopyToDataTable

This seems to be giving some syntax error, KIndly help me resolve this issue