Filter data table based on criteria's only based on Branch

I have a datatable, and I have to filter it based on some criteria.
(It may contain repeated values just get them once)
The Criteria is it must be divided only for plants and distribute the data in different datatables
I have attached the Input Sheet for the same.
Example.xlsx (8.9 KB)
According to the input we will get different data tables as output.
Output_CostSheet.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Please let me know how to solve the issue?
Thanks in advance!!

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Can you suggest how can we solve the issue please?


Please explain what is needed…the above is not ao clear


Hi @Anil_G
I have to filter datable based on branch
Example:- If you will see Input sheet it contains 3 different branch
So we need to create 3 different datatables based on the same.
If there are 6 different branch there will be 6 different datatable based on the same
So for that we have to take list of datatables.
**Note:-I have provided the output sheet for the same requirement.

Hi @Anil_G
Any solutions for the same??
Thanks in advance!!

Hey @Kunal_Jain

I got you, Here is the Solution for your querry!

I’m attaching the .xaml for your reference, just let me know if there is any changes!
Item Sequence.xaml (10.0 KB)

Output file:
Output_CostSheet.xlsx (9.4 KB)

If your query got resolved, Kindly mark this post as solution. So, that others will get the correct solution!

Thanks & Regards,
Ajay Mishra

Hi @Ajay_Mishra
It is showing document is invalid
Can you please share the zip file?

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Here it is (15.8 KB)

Ajay Mishra

Hi @Ajay_Mishra
Thanks for the solution!!

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