Filter Data Table Activity Schema Exception

Hi there

I am working on a bot utilizing filter Data table activity. I have previously been able to use this activity. The bot was passed between team members and is back to me.

When I run the bot, I receive an exception:
Message: Cannot create unknown type

Per other forums, I have validated that my colleages and I are utilizing the same package for CSV helper and Excel activities. Additionally, we are using the same core activities.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, and copied packages. None of these solutions have worked.

I am using Studio 2018.2.0 Enterprise edition.

Are there any suggestions on how to resolve this? I am assuming uninstall and reinstall uipath is next step, although inconvenient.


Resolution: my team members were using Studio 2018.2.4. Where they used the filter data table activity, it was incompatible with my version (Studio 2018.2.0).