Filter Data Table activity - issue


I wonder if any of you has the same issue
I have an excel Sheet with a lot of rows, around 15000
Im using Filter Data Table activity to identify specific rows
Now if some of my ‘good’ rows are placed in the middle or at the end of the Sheet, they are not identified.

Is that kind of row limitation for this activity?

Thank you

No not so,
were we ruled out of the filteration, when using FILTER DATATABLE ACTIVITY
kindly elaborate the scenario pls
Cheers @niteckam

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HI @niteckam

It doesn’t have such a low row limit as @Palaniyappan mentioned… If I remember correct, the row limit is somewhere around 16M something… but might depend on the performance of the machine too…

So, can you explain what the problem is? I also didn’t understand what you mentioned…

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