Filter data table activity is not taking asset/variable from Orchestrator

I have flow that uses “Filter data table” activity and if we pass actual value in Filter wizard condition, it works. However if we user same value using “Get Asset” and try to pass using Orchestrator variable. It doesn’t work. Looks like it is not even comparing. I tried with “=” “contains”.
Same happens if we try to pass value in “IF-ELSE” activity. It doesn’t read variables from orchestrator.

If anyone had explored this let me know. Otherwise it would be more like hardcoding.

I am using 2019.1.0 version.

Thank you!


Using “Get Asset” will, if you are connected to an Orchestrator, permit you to assign a value to a variable.
Then you can pass the variable to the expression box of a if, for example.

If this type of approach isn’t working, you may have an error message (asset name wrong or connectivity issue with the Orchestrator)

It would be help resolving your issue if you could share a screenshot, an error message or something similar to help troubleshooting the issue!



I am already using “Get Asset”. Giving example screenshots for “Filter table” table activity for CSV file where we want to compare if Coulmn “xyz” contains or = { value defined in orchestrator }
Looks like when we try to enter this variable from “Get Asset” into Filter wizard, the field doesn’t even recognize it automatically. Usually if studio recognizes the variable, it will populate in the field automatically.

Also attached the output message box for reference where you can see that it is not filtering the data as per given condition. It just prints column names and not contains that we are trying to filter. This same output box prints correct values if directly enter the actual value instead of Orchestrator variable.



The reason is that your variables should not be surrounded by quotation marks.
on the current example, you are checking if the column named “File” contains the word “Version”.

You need to remove them from the “Value” expression box.


Thanks, it is working now :slight_smile: