Filter data of two numbers

I have multiple numbers in excel file but I want the data of two numbers i.e 882 and 886. How to filter the data?

are the numbers in separate row of a column?
There are many ways to do this depending on this answer, just need more specific information from you.
Provide sample of how the excel is.


Hi @Cuberoot

Use the Filter Data Table activity to filter the DataTable variable based on your criteria. In your case, you can use the following expression: "[Column Name] = '882' OR [Column Name] = '886'".


I want to filter highlighted no.How to do it?


Sample Query
From row In <datatable_variable>
Where row(“<column_name>”).toString=“882” Or row(“<column_name>”).toString=“886”
Select row


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where to write it?

Assign it to the DataTable Variable.