Filter data from two columns simultaneously


I want to filter data from two columns simultaneously but it is not getting filtered. Could someone please help me on this?

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May I know what error are you getting here ?

@Jagadesh2494 Please use numbers withuot quotes. in your example, do not use quotes for Ageing’s Value - 5

I want to filter blanks from another column along with 5 and write that data into another sheet but it is not getting filtered

When i tried to filter >5 and blanks simultaneously it not getting filtered

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Hope this would help you resolve this
Read3 = Read3.Select(“[Ageing] > ‘5’ AND [ConfEmb] = ‘’ “).CopyToDatatable()

This will filter and gives us the Read3 datatable with the rows that satisfies the condition

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Jagadesh2494

I think the best we can do in here is to help people with UiPath solution not just code solution, most people are not developers :slight_smile:

This method is even suggested in our uipath academy foundation training
and its not that only developers can handle this, practice is enough buddy. Everything is possible


Hi Palani,
Thanks for reply could you also please suggest how to filter > 5 and blanks using filter wizard instead of select method?

If you want that the output DataTable have both the rows that have Ageing > 5 and the ones that ConfEmb are Empty than your activity is ok, just for the Ageing value, you have to remove the " around the 5…

I couldn’t filter blanks. I just used “ “ in the filter wizard but it is not getting filter

in the Ageing mention the value as just 5
in the ConfEmb mention as String.Empty

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Jagadesh2494

Please note that “” is not the same as DBNull.Value if your datatable column is null and not really empty…

Thanks for the reply. It is not filtering both 5 and blanks if i try to filter both using And.

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Hi @Jagadesh2494

use this

Read3 = Read3.Select(“[Ageing] > ‘5’ AND [ConfEmb]=string.empty“).CopyToDatatable()
Read3 = Read3.Select(“[Ageing] > ‘5’ AND [ConfEmb] <>‘’").CopyToDatatable()

@shwin S

this is because the column type is string i hope
thats why we are not able to filter with a numerical value
and in filter datatable activity we can filter for numerical values only when the concern column is of type integer else we wont be able to and thats why suggested select method
and for blank its fine string.empty would work

and make sure that there are records with one column having 5 and another column having null value as only those records will be fetched

Cheers @Jagadesh2494

You want Or not And…

This activity doesn’t work perfectly. Try to use Linq select query.


This is my filter wizard and excel data set. i need to filter >5 from one column and the other column contains both blanks as well as data. i need to write the filtered data in sheet3. attached screenshot contains my filter wizard and excel data set.

I just used “is empty“ in filter wizard it worked😀