Filter data from excel - via row

Sample.xlsx (12.7 KB)

Hi All -

I want to remove unnecessary data in this excel file…

For example, I only want these values “Base Equity Price/Revenue:” , “TIC/Revenue Multiple for the Target in the Deal:”, “Enterprise Value/EBIT:”. The rest will be removed.

Sheet2 - Should be the result

Hi @prititit

Please find the attached xaml file with attached input and output excel & try out this
kindly mark as solution

Sample.xlsx (12.7 KB)
usecase2.xlsx (7.2 KB)
test5.xaml (10.8 KB)

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Hi @prititit

Please find the below solution for your requirement.

@Robinnavinraj_S - You are correct. I just added the filter as dynamic one by storing all filters in an array of string and loop it through


Code+Excel (16.7 KB)

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

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Hi @Jobin_Joy ,

I appreciate your effort, but this may increase the time complexity as your using two for each row. So, it’s suggested to develop a solution with a less time complexity.



Thanks for the feedback.

We can make use of LINQ expression to filter the DT with multiple filter conditions. Need some R&D here.

But in this current case, if he has multiple filter condition to be apply on the excel file means, we can’t hardcode multiple if condition like If value=“a” or value=“b” or value=“c”.

When he want to add a new filter condition in future, he should touch the code again. It’s not modular.

Where as in my case, we can simply put the filter conditions in a config as a comma separator one and make use of it with out changing the code.

Thank you

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hello @Robinnavinraj_S

Just wanted to ask. I’m using reframework. And i don’t want to put it inside the for each row.

How do I call the row? Tried doing this. But its not working


Hi @prititit
add the records to the queue
and call the queue using Inconfig(“queue name”) in to this re framework process
check the condition in process transaction using Inconfig values


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