Filter data excel with condition

Hi all,

I have 1file excel

  1. I want filter remove column C condition “Cash” because 1 customer (A) have white line & yellow line as picture. So have to delete both (some customer code col A)
  2. How i sum compare 2column (I + M file1) = (I + M file2)
    I new user can;t post link file. Thank you

Hi @anh.nguyen Welcome to the forum.

I would suggest start reading here …


Hi @anh.nguyen

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Have a look on the document for filtering.

To sum the column Try this below expression

(From d in dtData.AsEnumerable Where Not (isNothing(d(1)) OrElse String.IsNullorEmpty(d(1).toString.Trim)) Select v = CDbl(d(1).toString.Trim)).Sum(Function (x) x)

Here, d(1) → ColumnIndex, You can also use the column name with Double quotes