Filter data and delete row?

I have file input and file report.

I want to check column status in file report if value = Cut

Delete no. (Lot) in file input sheet Summary (Delete Col A-I)
and cut row in sheet C_Apr , C_May (sheet name is now fix) to new sheet file name error.

*I want column A-I in row red text

And cut row to sheet Error.
And write Column A = Sheet Name before cut.

File error that I want as below.

Output_Final.xlsx (39.9 KB)
input.xlsx (44.6 KB)
Report.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Please guide me about it.


May I know where you got stuck on this


Hi @fairymemay

Please find the attached overall project i developed a flow as per your requirement
Forum_CutDelete (4).zip (133.2 KB)


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