Filter Dashboard 1 Way & Visualization Another Way in Insights

I’m currently trying to create a Dashboard with Insights that has a Dashboard-level filter that only shows data from 4 queues within the Tenant. There are several Visualizations on this Dashboard, and I want most of them to show data from all 4 queues. However, I want to create 1 Visualization that shows data from only 1 of the 4 queues.

I tried to create a Visualization-level filter that only shows data for that 1 queue, and it looks like it is working while I am editing the Visualization. However, once I save the Visualization and return to the Dashboard, it once again shows data from all 4 queues instead of only the 1 I want.

Anyone know how I can get this Visualization-specific filter to work within the context of the Dashboard?

Dashboard-level filter selects 4 queues:

Visualization-level filter selects 1 queue:

Visualization still shows successes for all 4 queues instead of just the 1 I filtered it for:

All right, answered my own question. After exploring some more, looks like Dashboard-level filters take precedence over Visualization-level filters. I had to click the 3 dots on my “Queue Name” filter for the Dashboard and go to “Tiles To Update” and de-select the Successes Visualization. Now, the filters I have on the Visualization are working for Successes instead of the ones for the Dashboard taking over.

…Also just learned to Save my work on Insights right away or else even stepping away to write a post will cause my edits to time out and be lost!

Hi @Joe_Matuch,

There is a fix being rolled out to resolve an issue where you could lose your work when identity refreshes your token. This should be completed 3/23 EOD. Please let me know if you still see this issue going forward.


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