Filter columns from 2 tables and get common columns result without duplicates

hi i need to get filter columns from 2 tables and selecte columns from datatables with matched condition i need to get same columns but for different filtered columns in different datatables and merge result without test.xlsx (11.4 KB) duplicates

can you please recheck the filter citeria for the output table
(I am not talking about the result cols, I am talking when it is included or not)

My filter condition for one column is should not contains 0 nd condition for other column is should contain X I can able to be filter using linq but challenge is while clubbing two filtered datatables there should not be duplicates

Please refer rule set sheet in the excel where I mentioned filter condition for column

@shravya I still think you need to provide more details as to how you want to do the filter :sweat_smile:, Because with the conditions given, I don’t think it is sufficient to determine the right values. Can you maybe explain the detailed Process of How you are doing it manually in a Step-to-Step manner, Maybe then we can understand it in a better way.

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step 1 : i need to filter column say price not equal to 0 and i need to extract mismatched rows of prices,quality and number from table 1
step 2 : i need to filter column date not equal to some given date and extract mismatched rows of date, quality and number from table 2
step 3: now i want to merge two filtered tables 1 and 2 in which the quality and number without duplicates

i got output for filter the table step 1 and step 2 but i need help in step 3 to merger the tables for quality and number to not have duplicates

@shravya The Output sheet that you have provided in the Excel, Is it How you want the Output to be ?

yes if you need i can provide yoy the filtered output that is step 1 and 2

@shravya Yeah. If you provide that as well, It might help us understand the final output or else we would have to ask questions again :sweat_smile:

hi i am attachching the excel again we need to merger filter table 1 and 2 without duplicatestestdata_filtered.xlsx (11.3 KB)

I think performing outer join on those 2 tables using ‘Number’ column would give you required output.

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@shravya I guess I was able to get the output you needed. But make sure that is the exactly what you need. Some values may not be matching with the Expected output, but I think you’ll be needing it in the way it is. If that’s not the expected, then tell if you could tell where the actual output is wrong and why, We could be able to correct it.

Basically as @poorna_nayak07 have said, It is using Join Datatable Activity to get the Outer Full Join result between those two results. Then Shifting the values to the needed Columns using Linq is done.

Check the Excel file. After execution an Output file should be generated with the output. (10.9 KB)


yes the output is just perfect just a small clarification i need to join more r filtered tables say 6 as i can c with join activity we can only club 2 tables if i want to add more filterd tables at a time how can it be possible?

@shravya When you say the tables are more, Is it dynamic or is it fixed like only 6 Tables all the time, and also I would like to know if the Column Formats are differing or not in it.

not dynamic let say we have now filtered for 2 columns now next similar way different columns we need to filter and get mismatches say 6 filtered datatables for example where quality,number and filter column and result will be there in all 6 tables we need consolidate the output as merged using linq

page does not exist

@ppr Even I cannot open it :sweat_smile:

the link is private i think

LINQ_LeftOuterJoin_1Col_Dt1+MatchResult_MultiTable.xaml (25.7 KB)

work is about to bring multiple tables into a join without doing it too much manually for each table

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wt output does dis give so the filtered datatable if takes input and giv the consolidated output?