Filter Column on excel

Hello Everybody,
please i need ur help,
I have an excel sheet like imag bellow
the goal is to filter data on column (Years) and create folder with year(as name) and inside i have to create files with books column (as a name) and inside this files (txt files) i have to write the coresponding link
exemple : folerName(2008), inside files with links : (book1(link1),book2(link2),book3(link3)

Thank you in advence,

Giving you a starter help and not solving all for you will let you better learn and practicing

Within an assign
left side: Years (Datatype Array of String
Right side: datatableVar.AsEnumerable.Select(Function ® r(“Years”).toString.Trim).Distinct.toArray

this will give a list with the unique Year Values

Now with list you can

  • using it in a for each and creating the folders if not existing (combine with path exists activity)
  • using it in a for each and filtering the datatble on years

the text info for one year you will get e.g with a for each over the filtered Datatable

Linestring: row(“Books”).toString + " " + row(“Link”).toString

Let us know in case you need more help