Filter column containing numeric value if the column name contain keyword - "Original Value"

I have to filter the column containing numeric value.
But the point here is that i have to filter those column whose name contain Keyword “Original Value”.

I have given an example below-

Input Excel -
User|Original Value_02|Status|Original Value_03|Original Value_22
ABC|< 43|Pass|>89|XYZ

Output should be-
User|Original Value_02|Status|Original Value_03|Original Value_22

Could you please suggest any solution.

Thanks in advance.


First you can read the Excel and create a temporary table, use a For each row to make the validation, Comparare the cell with Regular Expresions and if its TRUE add that row to the Temporary Table

Could you please provide a workflow for the same .

Sure, just one question in the example that you shared is always in the same format, rigth?

Yes format will remain same but the column count for column name -“Original Value” is dynamic.

Please let me know for any concern

This is the Workflow let me know if you have any question

Filter Rows.xaml (9.0 KB)
Example.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Thank you for your kind help …

I am not able to open the xaml file. Could you please provide the screenshot of the workflow.

Hi ,
Now I am able to open the file.

Column name - “Original Value” index is not fixed it’s dynamic . We don’t know which column name contain “Original Value” .

Could you please help.

Hi @farheenfatma61 ,

Here i’ve created a workflow for you by considering dynamic columns.

Hope it helps.

OriginValue.xaml (15.3 KB)
OriginVal.xlsx (8.8 KB)


@farheenfatma61 , is your problem solved?

Thank you @manjula_rajendran for your help. It works.

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