Filter column and print the result

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i have two sheet having below data, i want to filter second sheet data and print the result(Name) from sheet1 whose Age is greater than 30 from sheet2.
image- sheet1

image- sheet2

Hello, I would read both sheets into two datatables, then join them together on EmployeeID, then filter the third table. Pretty straightforward

ok, After using joinDt and filterDt, i got this result

is there any way to keep only 2 values actually values are repeating?

Yes , by using the inner join you can get only the common values between both the datatable.

There were two sheets, so i joined them by using joindt and then i filtered the dt and write the result in third sheet and there the output is repeating, so i want to remove the repeating value.

so you want me to again use inner join?

The inner join will have duplicates. You can try remove duplicates rows activity.

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