Filter by a list of values


We have a situation where we need to filter a data table to remove all rows which contain any value specified in a list of values.

There is a master data table of transactions. Each one has a unique Registration ID (a 7 digit number in this case). We iterate through each transaction and perform a check. If the check is failed, we output the transactions to another data table for rejections. We need to then remove these transactions from the master data table, so they are not processed when they have failed the check. We had the idea of adding the Registration ID to a collection, then using a filter data table activity remove rows where Registration ID = Collection. Needless to say, this doesn’t work.

How can we achieve this? Is there another way? a better way?


Initialize 3 tables. DT_1, DT_2, and DT_3.

  • DT_1 should be the read in master table.
  • Use a for each loop to iterate through and use an if statement to “iterate through each transaction and perform a check.”
  • If check passes store that value to DT_2
  • If check fails store that value to DT_3
  • Once DT_1 has finished its loop. Write DT_2 to the Master Data Table and Write DT_3 to the rejection table.

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