Filter Body Email in UiPath


i try to make a loop in email body. but still not get an answer.
I try send one email to another email by using filtering data table.
The uipath will only send an email when there is a word (the word that I filterd)

i put the the unread email in dtmail
then i filter what is in the dtmail to be a dtBody which capture the messages in inbox
then, I filter again in 3 things; apple;dtapple, orange;dtoranges & grapes;dtgrapes
The thing is, I am not get any email reply. pls help

Hi @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3,

Which Email activity are you using exactly?

This one image so, it will read my PC’s default email.

At least can you able to retrieve the count of message?

yes, I can count the unread messages. but the main purpose is to reply back to another person after filtering a certain keyword.

Have you tried like this?

yes ive tried like this, but does not work

Okay, I will give an example as a scenario.

  1. abcdefg@hotmail filter the unread messages in their inbox
  2. Then, from’s email unread messages, it will filter to 3 person;, &
  3. For this situation, 1 will get messages which the body email contains grape. while 2: apple, & will get messages contains banana.

so, without abcdefg@hotmail forward one by one to this 3 person, the uiPath will take over this job to directly forward the email to the agent and then, the agent’s desktop will get ready to reply this email.

actually, ive tried a lot of things for this past few months, but still cannot finding the answer.

Can you share a sample workflow of it?

sure, I really need your help. Thank you in advance sir.

email directly reply.xaml (85.2 KB)

You have an error in for each row activity. I cleared that. Check it again, If you can’t able to send email, Try send mail individually from the logs (I have added the log message activity, use that as template and test the send outlook message activity alone).email directly reply.xaml (85.7 KB)

Hello, I already simulate them. Yep, I try one by one as you asked. But, the email is still cannot send. So, currently I’m trying to filter the body email like this:

As you can see, this is the build table. So, in this build table contains as in below.

I extract the Body in this build table to the
BodyEMAIL ( variable: string) = (From row In dtMails.Select Select Convert.ToString(row(“Body”))).ToArray()

When I try to filter the body email, it become an error.

So, what is your opinion?[email directly reply 2 .xaml|attachment]

This is the latest workflow
email directly reply 2 .xaml (74.3 KB)

Check this out!. email directly reply 2 .xaml (76.7 KB). You are trying to do a filter on String[] instead of DataTable.