Filter anniversary date

Hello, I am currently trying to build a proof of concept with anniversary. Basicaly i have an excel file that has all the employees birthdates. I would like the RPA user to be able to enter a date range and then the robot would go through the excel file and come up with all the names of the people that will be celebrating their anniversary during the date range entered.

So far I have made a robot that brings up 2 pop ups and asks the RPA user to enter the begining date and the end date of the date range, but i cant figure out how to apply the filter on the data from there.


You can use datatable filter activity.

  1. Read Range Activity to read the employee data into a datatable.

  2. Use data filter activity and apply the between condition for the employee dob column and save the resulted datatable into a new datatable.

  3. Loop thru the resulted datatable from step2 to access the employee details who falls jn the given date range.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Benoit_L

There are few ways you can do, here is an example. You will need to end date in dd/mm/yyyy format in input in this sample, there are two ways to get the result, you can use either, one is using if statement in the for each row, and another one is using the data filter. (19.0 KB)

Because unsure how your excel file looks like, just create one for the sample and attached with the file.

Hope it helps.



Thank you very much for showing two different ways to do it. Is there a validation to check that the person enter a date that exist?

Hi @Benoit_L,

I add the validation to check if any records exists during the date range that entered.
Please have a look. (19.5 KB)

If statement method added boolean variable to check if record exists, it will update from False to True when found a result.

Data filter method check the number of records exists in the datatable.