Filter and update Data Table

I need to update sub remark and final remark ,using filter conditions on billing status,
for billing status=‘a’ ,update sub remark =comment 1 and final remark=comment 2
for billing status=‘b’ update sub remark =comment 3 and final remark=comment 4
for billing status=‘c’ update sub remark =comment 5 and final remark=comment 6
f1processed.xlsx (7.6 KB)

Thank You,
Vishal(upload://oNSX5mRQVHxHhSOROLECLaWpr0t.xlsx) (7.6 KB)

@ppr kindly help

have a check if it can be incorporated in the previous’ case for each row:


What is the maximum type of status possible in billing status column?
Example=- success, failed, pending - 3 types

Hi @iVishalNayak

You can do it in this way, use the below code in the invoke code activity

For Each row As DataRow In dtf1processed.Rows
If row(“billing status”).ToString() = “a” Then
row(“sub remark”)=“comment 1”
row(“final remark”)=“comment 2”
Else If row(“billing status”).ToString() = “b” Then
row(“sub remark”)=“comment 3”
row(“final remark”)=“comment 4”
Else If row(“billing status”).ToString() = “c” Then
row(“sub remark”)=“comment 5”
row(“final remark”)=“comment 6”
End If


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may be at max 10

hey @ppr do we have linq to update the values of each row , because for each will take time, it has many records around 20000


can we do that updating row(“H”) with values from vlookup using LINq and without for each

This works
Do u have any code for vlookup and update values
Thank You

Hi @iVishalNayak

You can update the row using the below code

(From row In out_dtWorkBase.AsEnumerable()
Select dtWorkBaseClone.LoadDataRow(New Object() {
row.Field(Of String)(“cust_program”),
If(row.Field(Of String)(“cust_channel”).ToString,“Wholesale”,“WS”,If(row.Field(Of String)(“cust_channel”).ToString,“RPD”,“RPD”,If(row.Field(Of String)(“cust_channel”).ToString,“kat”,“KATs”,row.Field(Of String)(“channel”)))),
row.Field(Of Object)(“sales_qty_cbb”).ToString


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