Filter an email in outlook that contains a specific word in the attachment

I have to search through an email folder in which new emails are stored every day. Most emails have an attachment. The search term I have to use is included in the attachment. I can find the emails manually via the search bar in Outlook. But it is not possible to filter via subject, sender, etc… I just can search with the word in the attachment.
How can I do that with Uipath?
I can’t download and review every attachment, there are too many.
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Try this link

Many thanks.

However, the file name is not important, the content of the file is. I want to search my inbox for a specific string in the attachments.
We receive 80-100 emails every day. I need to search all email for the past 30 days. If the attachment contains the string I’m looking for, I want to save the attachment.
Since the number of emails is so large, I can’t download and save every email.

When I use the search bar in Outlook, I get the corresponding email.

Any ideas?

I am now searching and downloading the files through Outlook Web. It may not be best practice, but it works well…

How did this help you to solve the problem? - I do have the same scenario and trying many thing and its failing in one or the other condition