Filter amounts greater than or equal to (>/=) in Uipath

Hi Team,
someone could help me how to filter an amount on UiPath:

I want it to filter amounts greater than or equal to (>/=) via my browser table on a column”.
I tried, but it doesn’t work.
the tutorials on Youtube are more examples of “contains”.
I Paste my screen shot below :

How should I write, so that it filters.

Thank in advance


What you are trying is correct. But first is the column of type integer or double?

If it is string then this might not work. So please confirm the same


Hi @Anil_G
Thanks for the feedback.

The information come from a website.
I would like to filter from a browser and put in excel.
But when I run, I have the same number of lines the filter does not apply

t\The screenshot of an extract of the source document (Mydatatable)

I’m new in the tool (Please could you help the difference between integer and double).

Thank you


As I see the data is with comma and all…I guess while read the data is read as string…

If integer or fouble …there are number types and are considered for number comprisions… if string then we cannot directly use filter…

One thing you can try is to use a where confition like below

Filtereddt = Dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) Cdbl(x("ColumnName").ToString.Replace(",","").Trim) > 2000000).CopyToDataTable

ColumnName is the columnname which contains your numbers

Here I am casting each data to double type before comparing…cdbl is used for that…

And to make sure no spaces are there and comma is removed…I have used trim and replace respectively

You can use this in assign activity

One more way is to cast the column to double drectly…before reading data or after reading data

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the hints.
I tried it, it didn’t work, it gave me an error message (when I run).
Probably I missed something.

What I wrote:
Cdbl(x(“ColumnName”).ToString.Replace(“,”,“”).Trim) > 50000000").CopyToDataTable

Screenshot below :


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This another try (screenshot below):


You have to give whole of this in assign activity…left side will be a datattable again…on the right…you have to give all of this…here dt is the input datatablw where you have your data…

filtereddt should be on the left side of assign activity and is of type datatable

After 80000 I see a inverted comma please remove it. use the formula properly


Hi @nounoubks ,

You need to add the ‘Filtereddt’ on left part of the assign activity and the linq query in right part as shown in below screenshot,

Hope this may help you :slight_smile: