Filter 2 excel and merge together

hi, I understand the logic, but I couldn’t make it work. anyone mind helping?

img1: special request
img2: main report
img3: wanted result
from img1 filter those with request contain “email”
then compare “donor id” from img1 with “dnr_id” from img2
finally write it into a new excel ‘rptDup’. the result should be like img3
__ (26.3 KB)

hey @terrylim11
can i have the excel files

it is inside the zip file

Sequence.xaml (10.1 KB)
hey @terrylim11
Kindly check this workflow.Hope this helps.
Mark as solution if it works.

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Hope this workflow helps!! (60.4 KB)

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it works like charm. this is easier to understand! tqvm and love u

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tqtq. it works. very detailed

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