Filter 1st value from the array and find correspondent value and loop

Hi there,

I am getting the data from an excel file, then use the information to input into a web based system to get the supporting. What I managed to do now is just download supporting line by line.

I have a table below.
1 Billing document can have multiple Unique Invoice

What I want to achieve is, filter only to “KR” for the Document Type.
Then get the 1st Billing Number from the table, find all the correspondent Unique Invoice value
And paste it into a field second image (web based system) and keep it as a loop until all the Billing Number has finished running.

Anyone could help me on this ? Thanks in advance.

I have tried to filter “KR” using Filter Data Table, not sure if I missing anything out.

The data table source.

The value nee grab from the filtered table and input into a field.