Fillup/Group By - Question About FillUp Example Xaml file by PPR


I am hoping PPR will chime in here!

I am needing to Fillup empty cells in a datatable so I can do Groupby - PPR has shared a Fillup example file ( FillUp_BlockBlanks.xaml (8.7 KB)) in a few threads, and my question is:

How would I save the filled up result as a datatable?

In the example file, it is being saved as a dictionary.


Does it need to be saved as a dictionary? Or can it be done as a datatable?

I can follow the Fillup example fine, just confused on the dictionary part.

I would prefer it to be saved as a “filled up” datatable, so I could then do the Groupby method on it.

Thank you for the superb assistance, PPR!

Thanks for your request

we will take it as a trigger to hand over Fillup case by a tutorial to the community. One of my work fellows @kumar.varun2 did also work out an approach when the fillup value is at the end of the segment. Maybe we will find a combined one.

Let’s start with the fillup:
a given data sample
is to be filled up with the values from Column1 to prepare the data e.g. for a grouping. We do see this scenario often, when Excel was setup with merged cells for the groups

The result after fillup:

then we are prepared to take this data for the grouping

the result of the fill up is the filled up datatable

Refering to the question of how to create a data table for the groups. We would recommend to define the following:

  • the target datatable structure
  • the aggregation definition for the group members

Let’s assume the above example will use String Join to flatten the string of the group member col(1) values. We can do:

dtTarget = Col1, Col2

(From d in dtData.AsEnumerable
Group d by k=d(0).toString into grp=Group
Let v = grp.Select(Function (x) x(1).toString).toArray
Let fs = String.Join(",", v)
Let ra = new Object(){k, fs}
Select r = dtTarget.Rows.add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

so in short:

  • fillup is returning a datatable
  • grouping result we set up as needed