Filling variables into Dynamics Empire

Dear team,

I need to fill the yellow columns with pre-saved values. The green column holds the reference {“BAS” to “BAS018”}. What would be a good way to do this?



If its an excel use look up activity

If its web table…the use dynamic selector with a variable on the innertext and pass the value to search in first column and use get attribute activity and get the tablerow property which would be same for last column as well and only change would be tablecol property …so can fill accordingy

The selector looks like this

<webctrl tag='TD' innertext='BAS' tablecol='1' /> - add variable inplace of BAS

and the other selector would be <webctrl tag='TD' tablerow='1' tablecol='9' /> - here tablerow value needs to be a variable returned from get attribute in previous step

Hope this helps


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Thank you Anil!

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