Filling a text box in a website with padded zeros

I have an excel sheet that I read into a datatable. one of the columns is check number. I add certain number of zeros to the check number in the datatable and then populate the check number in the website.

My problem is the check number is getting populated with a ’ infront of the number as shown in the second screenshot below. can anyone advise why this is happening and how i can overcome this?


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Hi @parimala.prata, why u put " ’ " in front of of value in assign activity i think that is the reason why the ’ is coming infront of it

Nived N

oh yea. You are right. Thank you for catching that.

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" ’ " normally it used when you try to write anything into Excel as text.
In here if you directly put “00072588” then it write only 72588 in excel.
After adding " '00072588" then it write as it is in execl.

May be you can write no. Only in the desired field .
Either use substrring to remove ’ or use regex to get only digit for the text

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