Filling a table made of divs with no archor


I have a data table and I need to insert some of its values in a dynamic html form. Each time I open it, the empty values change place, so I need to find the empty div, find out its index and get it from the data table. Kind of an “Extract Data Table” in reverse.

Does anyone have any idea how I could do this?

I tried a “Find Children” inside another, but it doesn’t seem to work or be a reasonable approach anyway.

Hi @rsnows ,

Try to check the UI element tree in UiExplorer, and see under which element you have the empty div’s and provide the attribute accordingly to find children.


That’s the (at least one) problem, I know the element is one the divs, but they don’t have any unique id or anything, so each time it’s a different div.

Try to loop through each div, and pick the empty one

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Thanks! That’s more or less what I did.

If anyone reads this in the future, I did the following:

  • Found the row by using “Find Element” and passing it the text in the one column (div) that was populated.
  • Found the parent div with “Get Ancestor”.
  • Then used “Find children” and, in “For each”, searched for the tag “input”. That was the element I passed to “Type Into”.

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