Fill web Insurance app from excel file

Hello community,
I have one task to do, the scenario is the following:
From the excel file I should read all the clients and their values ​​in the columns, Name, surname, number of policies, etc., and I have 20 such clients, I would like to automate my web application for insurance, on the last page I have the “New Client” button by clicking this button goes the next client from the excel file, but I do not want to loop back to the beginning of the log on the portal, but to the first page of the policy. I did the following:
1 Read the excel file, assigned the DT1 output
2 New Sequence> Open Browser> u DO I logging into the portal> For each row of activity (Row= DT1)> and In the body section, I automate the workflow. Variable are the following, the example, row(“First Name”).ToString, but when I start the automation, the portal opens, logs in and stops before loop.
Can some master advise me what I must do.
Thank you all

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@Gagi77 can you share the xaml file or any screenshot of your workflow.

Are you getting any error? Timeout or selector not found?

You can attach the screenshot of your workflow. It is difficult to guess the error with the information given. Your sequence looks good and don’t see any issue with that.

Karthik Byggari

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No errors boys, Robot open browser, log on portal and stops before loop

Hi @Gagi77

Remove attach window activity and check


Ok, i will try

@Gagi77 have you tried by running it in debug mode.

Same issue buddy
Just stop

Yes i am, but nothing

Hello friend!

I would try to create separate Sequences.

  1. First one to open and maximize the browser
  2. Another sequence with Attach Browser activity, where i would indicate website selector (check if there are any dynamic parts, if they are replace them with wildcards)
  3. Put all activities in that Attach Browser activity, and also check if there are any dynamic parts in your selectors

so if i understand you correctly the portal is not accepting any entries and you are not able to create even a single client. is this correct?

@Gagi77 do one thing buddy go for recording only for the loop flow once you did it give new for each row activty by deleting old for each and in the body section copy the recording flow,just try this once buddy.

Yes, just like that

Ok, thanks bro, i will

This is a very common answer i give but in your workflow change the browser from chrome to IE.

Let’s just try to rule our browser issues.

Hey bro, i tried now to change Browser, same issue may friend.

Hey buddy, same issue, before loop, he stops. I don’t know what is happened, last week i done some similar task, on google form app, this app that I use now is on company server, and i must connect on VPN, then access on that web app.

Solved, empty excel file, i didn’t copied file from desktop to Data file in project. Thank you all who tried to help me, i buy beer for all.

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