Fill the transaction items in to the form

Hi Friends

i have created a project.

  1. i am getting the data from - Transaction items
  2. now i want to enter these transaction item s in the following 10 placeses.

scenario -the transaction items can be around 10 items or 15 items or 20 or 30 or 12 dynamic etc…
after getting 10 transaction i have hit the search button. image

Again get the transactions suppose some 5 items are remaining them put them in the 1st place, 2nd , 3rd , 4th n 5th…

Can can one please help me…
also how to know how many transactions are present…?


Can anyone please help me its high priority

@Seema_S You might have to explain a bit more in detail as to what you’re doing in the manual way.

Hi @supermanPunch

I have to enter the data to the website, in the 10 fields.
i am using the RE framework - Get transaction item .
As we all know the Get transaction item gives us - only one item at a time.

so now i dont know how many items are there in the Queue.

I have to pouplate the above 10 items then click on search button

but the Queue is populated from the excel file.
so i am using the rowcount =rows.count.DT1.

if rowcount= 15 then
i have to enter starting 10 “Transaction Items” items in the below screen

now click serach. button.

now again remaining 5 - transaction items to be entered to the below screen.

click on Serch

hope this explaination gives idea

Thank you