Fill the DT columns into the columns of a form

Hi All,

I am having DT1 - it has a table of data.
Well i have to fill the data for 3 columns(have circled the columns) in the below form, using the DT1.

The DT1 has these columns in different locations(i.e column K, column M , Column G ) respectively.

Note: some time the DT1 can have 10 values , or 20, 30, its dynamic.

How shall i enter these column values column values from DT1 to above SAP form?

NOTE: if any value in column7 is zero then i have to check the check box


First thing how you are mapping the SAP table to your DT1?

If your column names are fixed it doesnt matter which column location it is in/dynamic.
You will just have to loop through your DT1 and for each row take row(“ColumnName”) value and enter into the SAP system.
In same loop you can do the other 2 as well.

So steps:

  1. You have extracted excel/page etc and now have a dt1 variable
  2. Use a for each row
  3. one row invoke the InputIntoSAPApp workflow and as an argument pass these 3 column values.
    row(“ColumnK”), row(“ColumnM”), row(“ColumnG”) where the values ColumnK/M/G will be the column names from your dt1.
  4. You can pass these to a separate workflow that just types these into a text box in SAP or just do the type into within the for each itself

For column7 you can add a if (row(“ColumnK”) = 0) then you can use "Check"activity.

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Hi @nadim.warsi

I have to fill the values for the these following columns in below table

So i got one cell value from the table and i changed the selector for this cell as below

The column value i changed and for row i did as below

<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION’ title=‘Enter Inventory Count: Overview’ />
<sap id=‘usr/tblSAPML04ID2051’ tableCol=‘6’ tableRow='”+row(6).Tostring+”’ />

The values are not getting shown in the table, it dint add anything can you please check it.

The above code is inside the for each loop and the activity -Get Text - is for getting cell value

Thank you

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