Fill the data in Docs file

Hi Team,
Fill the data in Docs file this file want to save as pdf.

Hello @AsadPathan2665
You can use UiPath word activities.

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Hi @Gokul_Jayakumar
I want fill the data in Docs

If you need to replace the text, use Replace Text in the Document
For Example in Doc Need to fill the User Name try this

User Name: user_name
----------------------------Use replace text activity in Word application scope
Search for: "user_name"
Replace with: "Name String"


Or else, use append activity to append the data in Doc.

HI @AsadPathan2665

Have a template like if you need to fill the Name in the docs

In docs you need to have details like

Name: Your Name

Then you can use Replace text activity in teh Word Activities of UiPath