Fill range with Excel Formula, what have I done wrong?

Hi everyone,

I want to fill in range in my Excel Sheet, with the Value “=WERT(LINKS(A4;4))”
(Where to write is correct, he is able to find the range/cell)

But UiPath says that I am using the wrong format:

The cell format is general.

What have I done wrong?

Kind regards,
Dennis :slight_smile:

Hi @bibalesecret

Have you tried with Write cell activity



Yes, same problem

What do you want to achieve in the excel formula? What is the formula can tell tell us more details? @bibalesecret

Cell A4: 3217_34243400F1

=WERT(LINKS(A4;4)) → It takes the value from cell A4 with first 4 digits going from left.

So the formula has the output: 3217

I solved it with writing it in englisch and using the seperator comma:


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