Fill next related form

Hey, needing some advice on auto filling forms, below is an online form i need the bot to fill, take info from the left then paste to the right, when it is a 1 to 1 relationship its easy to map, however the problem i have is the vendor info on the left may exist up to 8 times and in some cases have n/a in the fields where there is no vendor but the applicant had to select that option to complete the form,

how do i make the bot recognise the vendor sections only that are filled on the left (with proper info) and then make it work through the vendor info forms on the right one by one? Rather than it filling in each vendor 1 /2 / 3 /4 with n/a in the fields

Add some validation, for example loop first for all the data “creditor name”. Then only get the value that is not N/A. For the email and acount numbers you can use RegEx to validate that the data in the field is the one that you need and not something else

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