Fill in forms on different websites

I am currently practicing a bit with UiPath, and I am trying to fill in forms on different Websites, e.g. my Mail and Name.

I´ve tried it with Anchors (like in the RPA Challenge), but since the ‘title’ of the different websites varies it doesn´t work.

Any ideas?

few example sites:

@batope, let me understand you correctly.

You want your robot to be able to go to any website and be able to fill in the correct information?, by any website i mean, you want it to be able to go the the rpachallenge wesbite and type in the correct information, and also be able to go to the WHO website like you have mensioned above and be able to type in the correct information without you having to change selectors or anything like that. Is that what you mean?

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Yes, like: it should be able to perform the rpachallene on any website.
And like you mentioned without changing the selectors.

@batope, i see, but uhm :thinking:

The challenge is websites are built by different people, what I mean is other people might decide on the form to have just “Name”, “Email” like that and others might go with “First Name”, “E mail address”. With this simple example, I want you to see that each website will have different selectors, so you will always have to change them when you go to a different website.

But if you really are keen on doing it your way, I would suggest get the selectors from each site and save it in an Array variable so depending on the website name for example if the name is it should use selectors on the third index. this sounds very painful from a developers perspective but its good practice and there are other ways to do it I’m sure.

it would be interesting to see if you can do it, let me know when its done, good luck :wink: