Fill in a field just below another

Hello Everybody,

I have a small problem in my UiPath File …
I have a file xml with many :

With a Deserialize xml, my robot take “filename” and “typename” for push (with typeinto) in a webpage.

I have just a problem for push the typename for the second file (zip)
The robot push the typename (0002) in the first filed …

ex : 00020001 (in the first field)

I would like to have a solution to tell him to paste the name in the fields below each time

Thanks for your help

Hi @vkruczkowski,

You’ve to do changes in your Type Into selector to work dynamically.
As you’ve indicated on first TextBox in workflow, it’ll keep type in that textbox only.
One of attribute from Type Into selector has id or something value as 1, so there you have to put variable in order to make that selector dynamic.

Could you pls show full selector of Type Into activity, then it’ll be easy for me to suggest you, where to make changes.

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Hello Samir,

thanks you for you answer

Is this good for you?