Fill Form Submits Prematurely

Hey everybody, Im having trouble filling this web form. My bot copies from excel and inputs into each line just fine, but the first box always types the numbers in and submits the form halfway through the number. Then continues the rest of the form correctly. I have no idea what could be prompting the bot to press “enter” halfway through entering this cell. Could you help me out?

Hello @Jorge_Porter-Wolf - Welcome to the forums.

Do you by chance have a special key appended to the input of the first box?

Usually if an Enter key is appended to the end of the text your Robot is typing into the text box, the Enter key (in most cases) defaults to clicking on the Form submit button.

Something like this?


I have tried that. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. Type form box for Request ID is the one im having trouble with. Properties are posted on the side.

I have run it in Debug and took the error log to see if anything in the code would ask it to submit prematurely. You can see below:

“message”: “Type in form field Executing”,
“level”: “Trace”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “15:26:58”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.0”,
“jobId”: “04be0fa0-cb97-451d-a4a9-3bccc50003c4”,
“robotName”: “”,
“machineId”: 1695435,
“organizationUnitId”: 2469806,
“fileName”: “Fill Form”,
“activityInfo”: {
“Activity”: “UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities.NTypeInto”,
“DisplayName”: “Type in form field”,
“State”: “Executing”,
“Variables”: {
“Notes”: “UiPath.Excel.WorkbookQuickHandle”,
“Saved”: “UiPath.Activities.System.Binding.BindingsRepository”
“Arguments”: {
“InUiElement”: “”,
“DeselectAfter”: “False”,
“A0-FuzzySelectorArgument”: “”,
“DelayAfter”: “2”,
“ContinueOnError”: “False”,
“A0-FullSelectorArgument”: “”,
“EmptyFieldMode”: “None”,
“Text”: “\nL4137075000001356011”,
“Timeout”: “30”,
“DelayBetweenKeys”: “0.02”,
“ActivateBefore”: “False”,
“SecureText”: “”,
“DelayBefore”: “0.2”,
“FuzzySelectorArgument”: “”,
“ScopeSelectorArgument”: “”,
“FullSelectorArgument”: “”,
“ClickBeforeMode”: “Single”

Can you let us know what happens if you replace the Expression in the Request ID text box with a hard coded value? Does the Robot do the same thing?

It may help rule out or determine if there is a hidden character in the Notes column of your Excel.


Is this a Request ID?


is the value that I am typing into the box on the web form.
What happens is the bot will type about 6 characters, submit the form, then finish typing the rest of the number. Very odd.

Sorry I should have been more clearer.

What is the “\n” character in front of the ID? Looks like a New Line. Could this be causing an unwarranted behavior?

It is very odd. Did you replace that value with an actual hard coded value such as
“L4137075000001356011” and see if the Robot behaves the same way?

Let me look into this, the \n doesnt come from anything I have it inputting. Gotta look for the source, hoping that its the problem!

I sincerely do hope so! Hidden/invisible characters are one of the worst. We get some of those in our files and we literally tear our hair out when partial text finds its way into our billing data.