Fill form fields CV file(word/pdf)



Hi, everybody
I need to fill form field from .docx/.pdf
Are there easy ways to do it?
Here screen with word file and form that i need fill out


Why not attach a sample? The question is too general.


This is what I did, after this expressions, i get array of necessary data for fill.
Any suggestions?


How are you planning to enter the data into textboxes and click button after this?

Word: You can use bookmarks in Word which is easier way, but not sure how to click the button in Word.

Pdf: check if you are able to enter the info using Selectors, you need to open the pdf for this (open application/start process).

You could even try anchor base.


By this sequence
In my example i have structured data in cv, but there is a problem with cv files that structured differently


Can UIpath recognize highlight color text?(word or pdf files)
I have nonstructured files with CV, and problem is, that i cannot use some certain pattern to scrap data from them.
But if, i highlight the text(or another ways to mark necessary words to scrap), it is possible to recognize it with UIpath?