Fill empty rows of specific column with value


I’d like to add the same value on all empty rows of a specific column of a datatable.



use if condition like this
row(“Budget request”).ToString = ""
in then part use assign activity like this row(“Budget request”) = "No reply"




It worked but the ‘$’ got lost on the other rows.

What to do to not removed ‘$’ sign?

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can i see your workflow what you are trying to do?


Here: (21.9 KB)

To not lose $ sign you can use activity Write Cell to only record value in empty cells.

  1. Read range of your excel file to datatable (e.g. MainDataTable)
  2. Iterate through it and check if the cell is empty using If activity. If empty, use Write Cell activity. In your case the cell will be:
    “E” + (MainDataTable.Rows.IndexOf(row)+1).ToString
  3. As value put “No reply”

Please let me know if you need better explanation